Solemax® Neuro


The brain is an energy-consuming organ using around 20 % of total obtained calories, therefore it needs enough power to maintain brain activity throughout the day. Solemax® Neuro helps to support brain function, healthy mental performance and memory.

Situations when you should consider using Solemax® Neuro

Cognitive Dysfunction

Mood swings

Memory Dysfunction

People with migraine / frequent headaches




About Solemax® Neuro

Solemax® Neuro involves various effective components that are all necessary for the cognitive function improvements. The product positively affects brain functions, improves transmission of nerve cells impulse, reduces irritability and anxiety, improves memory and blood circulation, and increases oxygen delivery. It is especially suitable for the elderly people or for the ones who are under an increased mental load, such as students during the exam period or people who are doing an intellectual job.

Solemax® Neuro composition




Ginkgo Biloba


Solemax® Neuro usage

Take 1 capsule of
Solemax® Neuro with your first meal of the day.

For best result use daily and consistently.

The dose may be increased by the physician's or pharmacist's recommendations.

Why to choose Solemax® Neuro?

  • Improves your ability to focus and learn new things
  • Ensures normal cognitive functions
  • More than just a regular Ginkgo Biloba product
  • Improves memory
  • Helps to maintain both mental and physical abilities



Think faster, remember more and be a step forward than others with Solemax® Neuro!

Who should use Solemax® Neuro



Overworked people


People, who need a lot of concentration


Cognitive functions can be described as cerebral activities that lead to knowledge, including mechanisms of acquiring information. Cognitive functions include memory, attention, reasoning and language, and lead directly to information processing, thus, knowledge.

A decline in cognitive abilities might have various negative effects, like:

Memory impairment

Difficulties to learn new things

Deterioration of logical thinking


Solemax® Neuro

What are cognitive functions?

Solemax-materiali 2-20.png

  • Verbal and visual memory
  • Psychomotor speed
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Reaction time
  • Attention modalities
  • The speed of information processing

Which part of the brain is responsible for one of the cognitive function ?

  • Frontal lobe - emotion and social adjustment and impulse control.
  • Parietal lobe - responsible for construction ability and language.
  • Occipital lobe - vision and reading.
  • Cerebellum - coordination of voluntary movement and balance.
  • Spinal cord - attention, arousal, and consciousness.
  • Temporal lobe - perceives and recognizes verbal material.

Solemax-materiali 2-19.png

Which are the factors that could influence brain functions?

Physiological aging processes

Lack of sleep


High blood pressure

Cerebrovascular disorders

Unbalanced diet


Solemax® Neuro

Think faster, remember more and be a step forward than others with Solemax® Neuro!


Involved in dopamine synthesis.

Facilitates slight and gradual renewal of emotional comfort as well as positively affects mood and provides energy.

Controls satiety and prevents overeating.




Is crucial for homogeneity and signaling functions of the cell membrane structure of human body.

Helps to maintain effective brain functions and improves memory.

Activates neurons that stimulate dopaminergic neuronal activities.


Improves mood and endurance.

Essential amino acid that forms proteins, hormones, enzymes.

Most powerful cardiological and immunological amino acid.

Has a great psychotropic effect.


Ginkgo Biloba


Standardized to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones

Improves blood circulation and increases oxygen delivery to organs (the improved blood circulation positively affects eyesight and hearing functions)

Controls the dopamine release.

Reduces blood viscosity


Stabilizes nerve cell membranes, reduces irritability and helps to ensure the balance of Ca 2+, Na + and K + ion.

Helps to relax the negative stress hormones, which is especially important during the periods of increased mental load.

Protects body from exhaustion and lack of energy, which directly affects the process of information processing.


Solemax® Neuro worldwide

Solemax® Neuro is the latest generation product to keep your brain young
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Solemax® Neuro
is developed by experts and leaders in neurology, using scientific evidence. Solemax® Neuro is manufactured in Latvia to the high standards of international pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice. Ingredients in Solemax® Neuro are subjected to tough quality standards including use of the latest and most relevant chemical analysis methods.